What is a Virtual 5K?
Virtual 5Ks are walks, runs, hikes or bike rides you participate on your own.
Is this race safe to participate in?
We encourage all participants to bring face coverings, their own water bottles, and to be mindful in keeping social distance between other particpants throughout the race. Please read our COVID-19 guidelines to see what precautions are being taken.
When does the Virtual 5K take place?
You have up to February 28th, 2021 to register for our Virtual 5K series. You have all of 2021 to complete it!
Where do the Virtual 5K take place?
You can participate anywhere in the United States. You can also participate internationally. Let's move for change together!
Why a Virtual 5K?
Due to the COVID-19 conditions, many states are not allowing in-person events to take place. Virtual 5Ks are a great alternative until we can have in-person events! Please check BLM5K.com for updates on in-person events.
Are you affiliated with Black Lives Matter?
No, we are not affiliated with the Black Lives Matter Group or Foundation. We are an independent 5k event that does fundraising for Black families experiencing hardship.